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dance and the Child international (daCi) is a nonprofit organization aiming to promote growth and development in dance for children and youth internationally, irrespective of race, color, sex, religion, and national or social origin.

daCi recognizes that every child and young person has the right to dance and strives to preserve the cultural heritage of all forms of dance for children. The organization creates opportunities for children and young people to experience dance as performers, creators and spectators valuing their perspectives with the utmost importance. daCi encourages the inclusion of dance in general education and community programs, and supports research focusing on dance for children and young people. daCi provides an international network, facilitating the development of dance for children throughout the world.

Upcoming daCi Events

July 5-10, 2015   13th daCi World Congress
Copenhagen, Denmark
including: papers, panels, project dialogues, research workshops, dance workshops, lecture sharings and posters/installations

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Click on image to learn more.

Recent daCi Events

October 24, 2014   daCi Utah Day of Dance
Salt Lake City, UT
September 13, 2014   daCi Arizona Day of Dance
Mesa, AZ
June 26-29, 2014   daCi USA 5th National Gathering
Seattle, WA
November 9, 2013   daCi Utah Day of Dance
Provo, UT
November 17, 2012   daCi Arizona Day of Dance
Phoenix, AZ
November 2, 2012   daCi Utah Day of Dance
Provo, UT
October 13, 2012   daCi Texas Day of Dance
Denton, TX



Opening ceremony of
Dance, Young People and Change
the daCi International Conference in Taipei, Taiwan 2012