daCi Day of Dance - Utah  



What is daCi Day of Dance?
A great day of creative, hip hop'n, foot tap'n fun with some of Utah's own star powered dance celebrities!
    -Opportunity to Perform, Variety of classes
    -Expert feedback on original choreography
    -New friends and contacts
    -Outrageous Fun!
It's an opportunity to dance with experienced and impressive faculty

Who's invited to the daCi Day of Dance?
Beginning to advanced dancers 4 years and older from public schools, private studios, and neighborhoods, teachers, parents, grandparents, your plumber, circus performers ... EVERYONE. Please contact us if you are interested in registering children 4 or younger.

Will my child be chaperoned?
We will have volunteers tending to scheduling, registration, snack distribution, etc. but no chaperones will be provided. Participants should plan their own chaperones, 1 chaperone can look over 10 children. Chaperones can register to participate or just to watch.

Where do I get a release form for my child?
If your child does not have a release form your child will not be able to participate. Release forms can be found at www.daciusa.org/dayofdance/Utah under the forms tab. Or forms will be available at registration on October 24th, but a parent/guardian must be present to sign.

When do I have to register by?
Registration is limited so we advise you to register EARLY! But there will also be onsite registration and release forms to be filled out on site on the day of.

If I want my child to participate do I have to participate or can I just watch?
All children must be chaperoned. One chaperone can be responsible for up to 10 children. Chaperones not participating do not need to register, but participating adults need to be a member of daCi USA ($65) and register for the daCi Utah Day of Dance ($5).

Do I need to have dance experience?
No dance experience is necessary! We will be having dancers of all ages, abilities and areas of the state.

Will there be water provided?
There will be drinking fountains to refill water bottles that the participants should bring themselves. Bottled water will not be provided.

What should I wear?
You will be dancing in either sneakers or bare feet. You may also wear ballet slippers or jazz shoes if you would like. Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to dance in, a t-shirt and some dance pants would suffice. Don't wear lots of jewelry and make sure what you're wearing is safe.

Is there somewhere I can keep my valuables?
There are no lockers, cubbies, or storage space to keep your valuables. We advise you to leave valuable jewelry and electronics at home or in a locked car.

Where can I park?
Info available soon