Forms Unfolding: Dancing in the Emerald City

Forms Unfolding: Dancing in the Emerald City

daCi USA's Fifth National Gathering
June 26-29, 2014

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Anna Mansbridge, Gathering Chair

Online Registration

Forms Unfolding: Dancing in the Emerald City will bring together a multi-generational community of individuals, all of whom are interested in supporting opportunities for young people to experience dance as creators, performers, and observers.  This diverse community will collaborate to explore ideas connected with the conference theme – how movements can interweave and connect, evolve and shift, surprise and delight, through forms unfolding.

Ages 7-adult

Classes will be taught by inspiring dance educators from across the nation! 

Participation in this Gathering brings many benefits:

  • A unique opportunity for you and your students to work with a diverse community of inspiring teachers, dancers and peers.
  • An event for networking, professional development, and rejuvenation
  • A chance for young dancers to meet each other from across the nation and dance together.

Adult participants may choose to:

  • Participate in daily multi-generational classes.
  • Participate in adult skills classes (Modern-based)
  • Participate in Cultural/World dance classes
  • Observe youth classes.

Performance Opportunities
The conference schedule includes two evening performances (Friday and Saturday) by individuals or groups who are registered for the conference.  daCI USA expects the movement, style and costumes to be age appropriate, and that the dance content relate to the theme of the gathering “Forms Unfolding: Dancing in the Emerald City.”  We hope that the choreography demonstrates an inclusive, process-oriented approach. To accommodate as many groups as possible, we ask that solos be no more than 3 minutes, and group pieces no more than 6 minutes. Applications for a performance slot will be posted on the website.

The University of Washington provides an excellent venue for the daCi USA Fifth National Gathering:

  • Three wonderful light filled dance studios, and two spacious high ceiling/wooden floor drama studios.
  • A beautiful campus with lots of greenery and diverse architecture.
  • The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on campus.
  • On- campus housing, or alternative housing within a few miles.
  • Central location for the University District, and not far from downtown Seattle.

Seattle is a fun city to explore. A few of the many highlights include:

  • Surrounded by water and mountains.
  • The famous Pike Place Market where they throw fish!
  • Seattle Center, which includes the Pacific Science Center, the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, and the fabulous new Chihuly Garden and Glass.
  • One of the biggest Ferris wheels in the US, overlooking Elliot Bay.
  • An array of islands only a short ferry trip away!

Please note that the Gathering will be full on dancing from morning, noon and night, with no allotted time for excursions, so you might want to add on a few days either side of the Gathering, to give yourself time to explore this wonderful city and all the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

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