Out of Many - We are One

daCi USA's 2nd Intergenerational Gathering
In collaboration with Temple University Department of Dance

Focused on children's voices and ideas, this Gathering brought communities together to collaborate and celebrate a meeting of hearts and minds. Through dance we find our connectedness while discovering our diversity.

The United States Chapter of dance and the Child international (daCi) in collaboration with Temple University Department of Dance hosted its second Intergenerational Gathering at Temple University, June 23-27, 2005.   The gathering titled, "Out of Many, We are ONE," which is the translation of the phrase on all US coins, "E Pluribus Unum" featured daily classes for youth ages 8-18, who were divided into elementary, middle, and high school groups.   For the adults there were special sessions and/or they chose to observe the children.   A faculty of over 25 experienced dance educators from across the USA taught based upon the theme of oneself and others.  

•  Day 1 explored the question: Who am I?  

•  Day 2 explored: Who are We?  

•  The final day focused on Who Will We Become?  

Cultural dance forms, dance making and sharing were infused into each day's dance process.   The evenings were spent with student performances, workshops and dancing all together.






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